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Connected prevention

Your investment in lightning protection deserves your interest during critical events.

Connect is prevent | Lightning security under surveillance 24/7

LPS France | Connected Prevention

Since 2015, LPS France has defined a new standard of protection against lightning with new technologies. We offer remote and real time monitoring to your lightning protection. The servicing and maintenance of your protection against lightning installation are as well necessary to the preservation of your manufacturer's and installer's warranties. To ensure a total security, you must be able to be sure of its efficiency at any time.

The collected data is sent in real time to our secure servers. The data is analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence systems and validated before being transmitted to the people who have to intervene on the maintenance. This operation is instant and transparent. Compatible with all standards (Single Point Lightning, Mesh Cage, Faraday Cage, Priming Lightning Rod) and all product brands, our solutions are efficient and economical.
Your lightning security is under surveillance 24/7.

Lightning strike alert

The Alert@ir®XT system sends you a real-time alert by notification on your smartphone when your outdoor lightning protection system (lightning rod) has been hit.

Surge arrester alert

The Alert@ir DC system sends you a real-time notification on your smartphone when your indoor lightning protection system (lightning arrester) was put out of action by lightning current.

Storm alert

The Alert@ir TS system sends you a real-time alert by notification on your smartphone when you are threatened by a storm.

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Remote storm warning

Alert@ir TS offers a new way of being informed about the risk of lightning.

Within a radius of more than 40 km, this system captures the arrival of a storm and warns all users. You have time to get safe against a potentially dangerous phenomenon thanks to the time saved by an alert sent directly to your smartphone.

Lightning strike warning

Alert@ir®XT is a warning system of lightning strike.

The Alert@ir®XT system is an exclusive solution designed and manufactured by LPS France® to meet the normative requirements, preserve your warranties and ensure your security all along the lifetime of your outside protection against lightning.

The Alert@ir®XT system is an in-real-time information relay on the status and the history of a lightning rod installation. The Alert@ir®XT System is a relay of real-time information on the status and history of a lightning rod installation. With Alert@ir®XT, lightning alerts logging helps prevent damage from system wear and you can quickly diagnose wherever you are. If the diagnosis reveals critical information, your facility must be verified for the preservation of your warranties. By using a LPS France® Authorized Agent you are assured of compliance with the verification and maintenance procedures.

Lightning strike counter
Lightning arrester france

Surge arrester state warning

The Alert@ir DC system performs the real-time diagnosis of your internal protection against lightning (lightning arrester).

Over time and lightning strikes your lightning arrester, its electronic components eventually grow old can cause the breakage of the latter. Your arrester no longer performs its function and leaves you unprotected with a high risk for you and your installation. A daily check would be necessary to detect any malfunction and deal with this lack of security. In addition, this would imply a workforce available and qualified to understand the source of the breakage of your arrester installation.

To meet this need, LPS France® has developed the Alert@ir DC system, which informs you in real time of the status of your arrester installation and tells you where the cause of the problem comes from in case of breakage. With this information, you save time and have the ability to quickly restart your arrester.

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