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LPS Academy offers specialized training courses in the field of lightning protection.

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LPS Academy | Your tailor-made training

In order to integrate the dynamics LPS France® and acquire the methods of study, installation and maintenance of our solutions to protect against lightning, technical courses and commercial training is conducted regularly by our training team.

Indispensable to control our expertise, courses are addressed to distributors and / or installers as sales teams to offer and the best use of our product lines and lightning rods and promote effectiveness, technical quality and aesthetics.

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Training lightning protectionn

Initial Training

Both technical and theoretical, it forms the main knowledge to master concerning protection against lightning and learning of our technical solutions (lightning rod, lightning protection, potential equalization ...). The experience and good knowledge in the field of building and / or low and medium voltage electricity is an asset.

For example, the topics are:

- Phenomenology: lightning and its dangers.
- Standardization (NF C 17 102, 17 108 NF C, EN 62305 ...)
- Protection: direct lightning protection system and indirect protection for lightning protection.
- Preventive and periodic maintenance ...

Commercial training

The business course is for sales teams to develop their strategies.

For example, the topics are :

- Innovations LPS France® and the competitive environment.
- Exclusive benefits range lightning rod, lightning protection, lightning counter...
- The system Contact@ir®and real-time communications.

Training LPS France
Lightning protection training

Advanced course

This course improves the approved distributors and installers with the most advanced techniques and the latest products LPS France®.

For example, the topics are:

- Engineering: lightning risk analysis, technical studies, specification, verification
- Lightning Dossier: content and update
- Prevention: detection means and storm alert
- Theme or internship on request (contact us)

Only for distributors and / or authorized installers have already made the initial stage.

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