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Lightning Standards

You will find the standards used by our design offices for the development of a project.

Guaranteed security for every project

LPS France : Lightning Standards

Our LPS France design offices technicians perform all technical studies according to French and international standards in force. The most complex projects can be realized thanks to a deep knowledge of the different standards by our services.

Project study lightning rodYour project is accurate, you have collected a detailed set of dataLightning strike
Country Used Standards
Argentina Argentina IRAM 2426
Spain Spain UNE 21186
French France NF C 17-102
Macedonia Macedonia MKS N.B4 810
PortugalPortugal NP 4426
Romania Romania I-20
Slovakia Slovakia STN 34 1391
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia JUS N.B4.810

NFC 17-102 

(September 2011) Lightning Protection

Lightning protection system by lightning rod with priming device.



UTE C 17-106 
Practical guide – Lightning strike counters



UTE C 17-100-2 

Lightning Protection

Part 2: Risk assessment (correspondence: NF EN 62305-2)



NF EN 50164-1 

Lightning Protection Components

Part 1: Requirements for connection components.



NF EN 50164-2 

Lightning Protection Components

Part 2: Characteristics of conductors and earth electrodes.



NF EN 50164-3 

Lightning Protection Components

Part 3: Requirements for spark gaps.



NF EN 62305-3 

Lightning Protection

Part 3: physical damage to structures and human risks


Indirect Lightning Protection Standard (Low Voltage Surge Protection)



Indirect Lightning Protection Standard (Low Voltage Surge Protection)



IEC 62305-4 

Lightning Protection

Part 4: Power and communication networks in structures



IEC EN 61643 

Low-voltage surge arresters

Part 11: Surge arresters connected to low voltage distribution systems – Requirements and tests.

Part 12: Principles of choice and application

Part 22: Principles of choice and application

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