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Analysis - Prevention - Protection - Lightning

Area protected by LPS France solutions around the world to this day

Advanced Lightning Rod Early Streamer Emitter

Years of experience and many laboratory tests and real lightning conditions have been necessary to develop our new lightning conductor: the Paraton@ir.

Contact@ir System | Monitoring & Maintenance

Efficient, reliable and convenient, the Contact@ir System makes it easy to control and maintain your lightning protection system.

Discover our different kits

We offer a set of lightning conductor kits that meet a majority of current requests.

LPS France

Lightning Protection Systems France

French Quality - Worldwide Efficiency, that is our motto.

We design, manufacture and carry out lightning protection installations Made in France, always adapting to the requirements of our customers to realize all their projects.

The philosophy of LPS France® is simple: dedicate our human skills and our technological resources to the creation of quality products and services to ensure the protection against lightning of people and goods around the world. Day after day, our staff puts this philosophy into practice.

Expertises and products

Today our technologies, our knowledge and our experiments allow us to offer you high quality solutions in the field of lightning protection. Without a fragile boot system, we have designed the most reliable and durable product on the market for indirect lightning protection by following the human technological advances: Lightning rod Early Streamer Emitter device.

In addition to lightning protection, we are also specialized in the prevention and maintenance of your installation with specialized product lines in the remote and real-time monitoring of your installation allowing the triggering of preventive maintenance necessary and obligatory to all protection systems. against lightning to keep all its effectiveness.

Lightning rod authentificate

Authenticate your product

Manage your lighning rod

Manage your product

Your lightning project

Your lightning project

Discover our Wiki dedicated to lightning

Today, Lightning Protection Systems France® offers you a new tool : the LPS France Wiki. This new interface provides information on all topics related to lightning protection field.

Sharing our experience and our knowledge is a way of participating in the education of the population in the face of a natural phenomenon for which we must all remain vigilant.

Arranged as thematic areas you will find specific content articles, photos, video tutorials and much more ...

Contact@ir System

Contact@ir System is your guaranteed maintenance solution ! Efficient, reliable and easy-to-use, Contact@ir® System facilitates the control and maintenance of your lightning protection installation.

Then the Contact@ir® emitter permanently communicates the operating status of the Contact@ir® Ready a product as well as its communication liability. The communication is ensured by radio, without any physical link.

This alert also contains the power level of the sudden lightning strike. This way, the maintenance service will be optimized, you will avoid unnecessary costs and your lightning protection system will be kept in good working order.

Contact@ir System

Lightning rod

Connected lightning rod

Equip your Lightning rod Early Streamer Emitter device with a Contact@ir System to communicate with it.

Connected lightning protection

Sending data

The Contact@ir System constantly communicates its state with our Rout@ir which allows to receive its state every minute

Application lightning strike

Receipt of the report

The Rout@ir sends the data to our servers, and you are notified.